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Over recent years LED technology has displaced Halogen and strobe technology in many applications.

This is particularly true in vehicle warning light applications where LED lightbars, beacons and warning lights are potentially much more efficient than older halogen and strobe technologies, offering considerably more light output with vastly lower power consumption.

A latest generation LED lightbar can have a current consumption of as little as 2 - 3A, a fraction of the current consumption of traditional rotating halogen lightbars.

This reduction in power consumption places a considerably lower demand on the vehicle power source helping to improve efficiency and lower vehicle fuel consumption.

The environmental benefits of LED technology do not end there, LED lighting is easy to control both electronically and optically, meaning good light distribution can be achieved without the need for bulky mirror and reflector assemblies. This allows the height of LED lightbars to be reduced, making vehicles more aerodynamic. The new Haztec Xpert SL LED light bar for example is just 57mm high.

Haztec International offers a wide range of lightbars with numerous choices of illumination technology including Halogen, strobe, LED or a combination of technologies to suit particular requirements.

LEDs have a very long working life. When used as part of a well designed product, a life in excess of 50,000 hours can be expected.

Xpert SL, Xpert SLE LED mini bars and Xcess LED lightbars have been specifically designed to incorporate LED technology and are available in LED format only. All other light bar ranges can incorporate LED technology if preferred.

Despite its low size the Xpert SL LED lightbar and Xpert SLE mini LED lightbar can incorporate many optional items such as sirens and speakers.

Haztec lightbars are built to suit customer requirements and can be customised as required.

Haztec vehicle lightbars are available with amber, blue and red modules, an additional benefit of using LED technology is that the lightbar can have a mixture of colour modules rather than having to fit coloured lens inserts.

Another benefit of incorporating LED technology in vehicle lightbars is that independent front rear switching can easily be achieved, this is useful on applications such as motorway escort where front illumination can be an unnecessary distraction.

In addition LED directional warning lights are available to complement the lightbar providing increased warning.


Recent developments in LED lightbar technology include dual colour technology, this allows all or part of a lightbar to change colour, for example on a police lightbar the light can flash all blue whilst responding but then some of the inner modules can turn red once at scene. This allows rear red LEDs to be incorporated without diminishing the full blue prescence during response conditions.


For further information on the available light bar ranges please click on the lightbar overview tab above to view a PDF document that contains full details of all current Lightbar ranges and explains the available lightsource options for each.

Alternatively please speak to our technical sales department to discuss your needs.